Thai Massage

Nuad Bo Rarn, or Thai Massage, is literally translated as “ancient massage,” meaning that Thai bodywork is deeply rooted in history and tradition, something which lends the work its transformative potency and authenticity.

Thai Massage is a comprehensive and unique style of bodywork.  It is traditionally done on a mat on the floor, with the receiver completely clothed.  It combines rhythmic compression, acupressure along sen lines (similar to acupuncture meridians, and yoga-like stretches.

Thai Massage is grounded in deep spiritual principles, stemming from its connection to both Yoga and Buddhism. By spiritual, we do not mean religious, but rather we mean that Thai Massage is traditionally approached with a certain level of sacredness, something which can sometimes appear foreign to the typically Western attitude toward massage – an approach which often views massage as the mechanical application of technique.  Thai Massage goes far beyond simple technique, and its profound, multi-dimensional effects are the proof of that.

Jill B teaching Thai massage to students

You will often hear that Thai Massage is a transformative practice for both the receiver and the giver.  Stemming from its Buddhist roots, the practice of Thai Massage is considered a form of meditation.  Historically, Thai Massage was performed in sacred temples by monks as a part of their Vipasana meditation in order to assist them in attaining a clear and peaceful mind.

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